SPEC CPU Flags Description file for HP Compilers

C.11.23.12 HP C/aC++ Developer's Bundle

B.11.23.32 HP Fortran 90 Compiler

last updated 19-Jan-2007


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Optimization Flags

Portability Flags

Compiler Flags

System and Other Tuning Information

HP-UX Kernel Tunables:

maxdsiz, maxdsiz_64bit - maximum size (in bytes) of the data segment for any user process

maxssiz, maxssiz_64bit - maximum size (in bytes) of the stack for any user process

dbc_min_pct - minimum percentage of memory used for caching file I/O data and metadata

dbc_max_pct - maximum percentage of memory to be used for caching file I/O data and metadata

HP-UX System Utilities

mpsched - binds processes to cpus or nodes

System Configuration Commands:

cpuconfig - EFI command to enable or disable a processor prior to booting

Additional Notes on partitions and local memory:
The HP Integrity rx7640, rx8640, and Superdome systems may be configured as one large system or as multiple independent smaller systems via hard parititions (nPars). Each hard partition consists of one or more cells with their associated processors, memory, and I/O chassis, and is isolated from events in other partitions. The memory within a partition can either be assigned to local memory pools for each cell, or to an interleaved pool that is distributed by cache line across the cells. Partitions and their attributes can be created and modified via the support management station, or via the nPartition (par*) commands running on an os instance in a system partition.