IBM Power Linux Flags file

Commands and Options Used to Submit Benchmark Runs

submit = numactl -l -C $BIND $command

Shell, Environment, and Other Software Settings

Operating System Tuning Parameters

Firmware / BIOS / Microcode Settings

       Enables idle mode power reduction methods, when in Nominal, SPS, DPS.
       Drop in frequency, voltage.
	   Enable core-folding to exploit P7+ deep-sleep mode.
	   Goal is to meet idle power criteria for EnergyStar v1 and v2 tests.
            1. Enter “idle” 5-15 minutes after full load test.
            2. Measure system power for 5 minutes.
            3. Report system power as average measured in step 2.
            4. If the value reported in step 3 is below a “computed threshold” the system qualifies for EnergyStar label.
       To Enable or disable the Idle Power Saving log into Advanced System Management web interface and go to 
       System Configurator -> Power Management and click into Idle Power Saver. Select enabled or disabled in the combo
       box and click in Save settings.