SPEC CPU®2017 Benchmark Description

Benchmark Name


Benchmark Author

Thorsten Fröhlich <thorsten [at] trf.de>

Chris Cason <spec001 [at] povray.org>

Benchmark Program General Category

Computer Visualization / Raytracing

Benchmark Description

POV-Ray is a free and open source ray-tracing application. The CPU 2017 version is based on POV-Ray version 3.7.

Input Description

The benchmark's input consists of:

Output Description

The benchmark renders a 2560 x 2048 pixel image of a chess board, with the pieces placed on the board in the starting position. The rendered scene image is saved as a Targa (.tga) file.

This output image is compared with the reference output image using the SPEC® utility imagevalidate, which calculates a the structural similarity (SSIM) index between corresponding 8x8 groups of pixels in each image. The SSIM index has a range of -1 (maximal difference) to 1 (identical). The benchmark requires that all computed SSIM indices be greater than 0.996 in order for the run to be considered successful.

A log of the execution is also generated, but its contents are not used to validate correction operation of the benchmark.

Programming Language


Threading Model


Known portability issues

Sources and Licensing

POV-Ray (which became 511.povray_r) was contributed to CPU 2017 by one of the developers, Thorsten Froehlich, under the GNU Affero License v3.

Please see details in the document SPEC CPU®2017 Licenses.


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