SPEC CPU®2017 Credits

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Background: a Worthy Predecessor

One of the most frequent questions SPEC® has been asked over the past decade has been "When is the next SPEC CPU® suite coming out?" This has not been easy to answer, in part because the SPEC CPU 2006 benchmark suite has been widely used.

SPEC CPU 2006 improved over its predecessors, and was intended to stand the test of time, as the computing industry continues to innovate. It has had a long and influential run.

A lot of work went into SPEC CPU 2006, and it paid off: as of June 2017, there are over 44,000 SPEC CPU 2006 results published at www.spec.org/cpu2006/results, for an average of ~338 submissions a month, ~78 a week or ~11 every day. And this doesn't include information on the runs that were not submitted to SPEC. Quite impressive for a benchmark that can take a bit of time and effort to set up and run.

Although there is a large established base set of results, the time has come to update things.

Goals and Challenges for the New Suite

As with the previous SPEC CPU suites, the goal is to establish a suite of source code benchmarks to provide consistent, comparable measures of CPU-intensive performance. The task is not simple.

Challenges include:

With SPEC CPU 2017, the SPEC CPU subcommittee believes that it has come up with a benchmark suite that builds upon and improves the previous suite, to meet the current and next generations of computing.

The new suite:

The SPEC CPU subcommittee hopes that the updates will continue to to be useful for people designing and comparing computing systems.

As with previous suites, there have been numerous people whose contributions have affected the end results, especially given the long development time.

Thank you to Program Authors and Contributors

SPEC CPU benchmarks are based primarily on real-world applications (rather than using loop kernels or artificial stress tests). We therefore -- most of all -- thank the authors of those real-world applications.

Thank you to contributors via the SPEC CPU Benchmark Search Program, contributors who work for member companies, and to the many authors of open source software. They are listed in SPEC CPU 2017 Licenses and in the documentation for individual benchmarks.

Thank you to SPEC

We would also like to thank:

Thank you to SPEC CPU Subcommittee Contributors

These are the people who spent time finding and porting code, performed testing and analysis, participating in the debate and discourse on the processes, rules and content of the suite. Much appreciation is given for their willingness to spend their talents and time working on SPEC CPU 2017 efforts and day to day SPEC work. Contributions included project leading benchmarks, providing regular resting reports, writing documentation or overseeing some aspect of the process. A little bit of each of these people can be found in the suite:

James Bucek
Michael Carroll
Mathew Colgrove
Diego Esteves
Darryl Gove
John Henning
Hidekatsu Imura
Hans Jøraandstad
Willi Kratzer
Subhash Kunnoth
Alan MacKay
Rahul Rahatekar
Jeff Reilly
David Reiner
Van Smith
Cloyce Spradling
Wilfried Stehling

Of particular note:

Thank you for Technical Assistance

Thanks are due to those who provided specific technical assistance, for example helping with analysis, testing, or addressing specific implementation issues:

Nelson Amaral
Christopher Cambly
Aaron Cragin
Christopher Henning
Jim Himer
Jee Ho
Lizy John
Ajay Joshi
Arthur Kang
Venkatesh KR
Prathiba Kumar
Carol LePage
Manmohan Manoharan
Chris Parrott
Michael Paton
Dave Raddatz
Srini Ramani
David Schmidt
Marcus Shawcroft
Biswa Singh
Suresh Srinivasan
Raghavendra Swamy
Jaya Yeruva
Linda Zhang

In memory of

And in memory of those whose past contributions, support and inspiration remain with us:

Thank You to Those Behind the scenes

Finally, we thank all of the people behind the scenes in the compiler groups, architecture groups, and performance groups who supported their work for SPEC at their respective companies.

The Bottom Line

Thank you for contributions on a long road!

Cloyce D. Spradling, Release Manager, SPEC CPU 2017
John L. Henning, Secretary, SPEC CPU Subcommittee
James Bucek, Vice-Chair, SPEC CPU Subcommittee
Jeffrey W. Reilly, Chair, SPEC CPU Subcommittee

June 2017

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