SPEC CPU2017 Platform Settings for Intel R2000WF series

Firmware / BIOS / Microcode Settings

Last Level Cache (LLC) Prefetch
The LLC prefetcher is a new prefetcher added to Skylake-SP as a result of the non-inclusive cache architecture. The LLC prefetcher is an additional prefetch mechanism on top of the existing prefetchers that prefetch data into the core Data Cache Unit (DCU) and Mid-Level Cache (MLC). Enabling LLC prefetch gives the core prefetcher the ability to prefetch data directly into the LLC without necessarily filling into the MLC. In some cases, setting this option to disabled can improve performance. Values for this BIOS option can be:
Energy/Performance Bias Recommendation for Latency-Sensitive Applications
Energy Performance Bias should be set to either “Performance” to optimize latency or “Balanced Performance” to weigh optimization toward performance while conserving energy.
XPT Prefetch
The Xtended Prediciton Table (XPT) prefetcher exists on top of other prefetchers that that can prefetch data in the core DCU, MLC, and LLC. The XPT prefetcher will issue a speculative DRAM read request in parallel to an LLC lookup. This prefetch bypasses the LLC, saving latency.
Memory RAS and Performance: Sub-NUMA Cluster (SNC) Configuration
Sub-NUMA Cluster (SNC) is a feature that provides similar localization benefits as Cluster-On-Die (COD), a feature found in previous processor families, without some of COD’s downsides.
System Acoustic and Performance: Set Fan Profile
The System Acoustic and Performance Configuration screen allows the user to configure the thermal control behavior of the system with respect to what parameters are used in the system's FanSpeed Control algorithms.