SPEC CPU2017 Platform Settings for GIGA-BYTE

Firmware / BIOS / Microcode Settings

Determinism Slider:
Selects the determinism mode for the CPU:
Global C-state Control:
Controls IO based C-state generation and DF C-states.
cTDP Control:
Configures the maximum power that the CPU will consume, up to the platform power limit (PPT). Valid values vary by CPU model. If value outside the valid range is set, the CPU will automatically adjust the value so that it does fall within the valid range. When increasing cTDP, additional power will only be consumed up to the Package Power Limit (PPT), which may be less than the cTDP setting.
ModelMinimum cTDPMaximum cTDP
EPYC 7H12225280
EPYC 7742225240
EPYC 7702165200
EPYC 7702P180200
EPYC 7452155180
Package Power Limit (PPT) Control:
Specifies the maximum power that each CPU package may consume in the system. The actual power limit is the maximum of the Package Power Limit and cTDP.
NUMA nodes per socket:
Specifies the number of desired NUMA nodes per populated socket in the system:
SMT Mode:
Can be used to disable symmetric multithreading. To re-enable SMT, a POWER CYCLE is needed after selecting the 'Auto' option. WARNING - S3 is NOT SUPPORTED on systems where SMT is disabled.
Enable: Enables the I/O Memory Management Unit (IOMMU), which extends the AMD64 system architecture by adding support for address translation and system memory access protection on DMA transfers from peripheral devices.
Enforce POR:
By default, POR (CPU system limits) are enforced by default. To override them, it is necessary to set this option to "Accept".
Memory Overclocking:
GIGA-BYTE supports memory overclocking, so that PC4-3200 memory can run at 3200 MT/s even in 2DPC configurations. In order to change this, "Enforce POR" must be set to "Accept". Then the "Overclock" option becomes visible, and it must be set to "Enabled". This allows the Memory Clock Speed to be adjusted. Units are MHz, which is half the number of transfers/s that the DDR4 memory will support.
Note that the DIMMs installed in the system must be rated for the selected memory clock speed, so a setting of "1600MHz" requires PC4-3200 DIMMs.