SPEC CPU2006 v1.2 Platform Settings for Sugon-Naples Systems

Firmware / BIOS / Microcode Settings

SMT Mode

This option could be set as "Auto" and "OFF". When set as "Auto", the Simultaneous multithreading function will enable two-thread if capable. When set as "OFF", single-thread will be enabled. Default is Auto.

Determinism Slider

This option could be set as "Performance" or "Power". When set as "Performance", the Performance Determinism is enabled to minimize sample-to-sample variance. When it is set as "Power", the system will switch to Power Deterministic mode for potentially increased (≥0%, sample dependent) performance.

cTDP Control

This option is used for Configurable TDP (cTDP) which is controlled by the PCD “PcdAmdcTDP” to define TDP ceiling. It could be set as "Auto" or "Manual". When it is set as "Manual", a child option "cTDP" could be seen and the value of TDP ceiling could be set in it. Default is Auto.