SPEC CPU2017 Platform Settings for Supermicro Systems

Firmware / BIOS / Microcode Settings

Hyper-Threading [ALL]:
Enabled for Windows XP and Linux (OS optimized for Hyper-Threading Technology) and Disabled for other OS (OS not optimized for Hyper-Threading Technology). When Disabled only one thread per enabled core is enabled.
Intel (VMX) Virtualization:
When enabled, a VMM can utilize the additional hardware capabilities provided by Vanderpool Technology
LLC prefetch:
The LLC prefetcher is an additional prefetch mechanism on top of the existing prefetchers that prefetch data into the core Data Cache Unit (DCU) and Mid-Level Cache (MLC). Enabling LLC prefetch gives the core prefetcher the ability to prefetch data directly into the LLC without necessarily filling into the MLC.
Hardware P-states:
This setting allows the user to select between OS and hardware-controlled P-states. Selecting Native Mode allows the OS to choose a P-state. Selecting Out of Band Mode allows the hardware to autonomously choose a P-state without OS guidance. Selecting Native Mode with No Legacy Support functions as Native Mode with no support for older hardware.
CPU C6 Report:
Allows the BIOS to report the CPU C6 State (ACPI C3) to the operating system. During the CPU C6 State, the power to all cache is turned off.
Enforce POR:
Enable to enforce Plan Of Record restrictions for DDR4 frequency and voltage programming. Memory speeds will be capped at Intel guidelines. Disabling allows user selection of additional supported memory speeds.
Memory Frequency:
Selects desired memory frequecy (within populated memory limits).
ADDDC Sparing:
Which is an improved feature of ADDDC, will allow the error correction code to correct an error caused by the failure of two DRAM devices or by a single-bit error that is beyond a device failure in the lockstep mode. ADDDC+1 will not issue a performance penalty before a device fails. Please note that virtual lockstep mode will only start to work for ADDDC after a faulty DRAM module is spared out at Bank granularity or Rank granularity.
Patrol Scrub:
Enable or disable the ability to proactively search the system memory, repairing correctable errors.