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Workaround: multichannel analyzers unable to set correct channel number in GUI


Currently it is not possible to configure some multichannel analyzers being used in 1-channel mode with SERT to use a channel other than the first.  The "Analyzer Channel Number" box on the "PTDaemon Configuration" screen in SERTUI will be grayed out, and input is not allowed.

The workaround for this issue is to run PTDaemon separately from the command line and then configure the analyzer as a "Remote PTDaemon" on the configuration screen.

First, determine the "PTD-ID" number for your device, either by looking in the tables in Section 2.8 of the Power and Temperature Measurement Setup Guide, or by running the PTDaemon binary (ptd-windows-x86.exe or ptd-linux-x86 in the SERT PTDaemon directory) from a command prompt with no arguments to get a list.

Next, edit the runpower script (runpower.bat or, from the SERT PTDaemon directory).  Set the necessary parameters (DEVICE, CHANNELNO, DEVICE_PORT) and possibly other parameters depending on your analyzer brand and connection.  Test your setup by running the script; if PTDaemon is able to connect successfully, you should eventually see the message "Waiting for connection".

When you are ready to run the SERT UI, first start the runpower script (if it is not already running).  Then, in SERTUI, at the PTDaemon Configuration screen, check the "Remote PTDaemon IP Address" box, and use for the address.  Set your calibration date as needed.  See example below.

At this point you should be ready to run SERT as usual.


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