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YOKOGAWA WT310E connection


Hello, when I try running the following command
./ptd-linux-x86 -L 49 x.x.x.x

It gave me the following error on RHEL 9.2 OS
                               SPEC PTDaemon Tool
                        Version 1.10.0-ed9a21d2-20220817
                     Licensed Materials - Property of SPEC
     Copyright 2006-2022 Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation (SPEC)
                              All Rights Reserved.
  For use with benchmark products from SPEC and authorized organizations only.

Selected power meter 'Yokogawa WT310' from wt310.cpp
Calculated PTD CRC: 0xed9a21d2, 7188608
09-21-2023 12:29:07.758: Attempting to connect to measurement device type 49...
Segmentation fault (core dumped)

How can I connect to a Yokogawa WT310e on RHEL 9.2 Linux? What Linux OS should I use?


Hi Tien,

PTDaemon LXI support works well on Ubuntu 18-20. Later Ubuntu versions have a change in their RPC interface that breaks the third-party LXI code. I assume that same change affects RHEL as well, so older RHEL versions may also work.



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