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Hi Sert Team, is there support for the latest Intel Sapphire Rapids and AMD Genoa processors in the SPEC's SERT 2.0.6 Suite? I ask as the release date appears to be prior to these processor releases.

Thanks for your help.

Thank you, astktechno, for your inquiry into v2.0.6 support of AMD's Genoa & Intel's Sapphire Rapids processors.

The following history helps answer your question.

* v2.0.6 was released on 31Aug'22.
* shows multiple EPYC 9xx4 & Xeon x4xx Client Configurations.
* EPYC 9xx4's inaugural was published on 24Aug'22.
* Xeon x4xx's inaugural was published on 9Jun'22.
Thus, v2.0.6 was released after these processors' platforms first met ISO / IEC 21836:2020 Ver. E compliance -- consequently ensuring their support.

Latest processor platform acceptance / support is maintained at where corresponding ISO Compliance Reports are published per combination of Processor, OS & JVM cfg.

The configurations used for different processors and operating systems are updated independently from the SERT tool itself, and can be downloaded manually or from the SERT UI. It is entirely possible, and happens quite often, that support for new processors is added to a SERT version that was released prior to the processor's existence.

The only exception is for an entirely new processor architecture or operating system that requires changes to the underlying tool.


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