Author Topic: SERT 2.0.1 collectlogs.bat workaround (Missing 7za executable)  (Read 4781 times)


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 Users have reported a missing file in the SERT-2.0.1 install that the collectlogfiles.bat script depends upon to create an archive (the “7za” executable in the <SERT install path>\tools subdirectory) that SERT Support may require to debug user issues. 

We have two options to resolve this:

•   Install 7zip x64 v18.06 on both Controller and SUT (  ), both the main 7zip package and then the 7z18-06-extra.7z package.   Copy the 7za executable that comes from the -extra package over to the <SERT install path>\tools directory.
Now, the collectlogfiles.bat should work properly to collect your logs and email them to SERT Support if requested to do so.

•   As an alternative, you can edit the collectlogfiles.bat script on both SUT and Controller and comment out the following lines near the bottom of the file using two colons:

::Cleanup temporary directory
del /Q /F %TEMPDIR%
rmdir /s /q %TEMPDIR%

Change to:

::Cleanup temporary directory
::del /Q /F %TEMPDIR%
::rmdir /s /q %TEMPDIR%

Then, re-run the collectlogfiles.bat script, and look at the <SERT install path>\SERTlog\templog.  Manually zip this “templog” directory up using the Windows function (Rick click on folder ->  send to -> Compressed (zipped) folder), on both SUT and Controller.  Rename the zipfiles so the SUT and Controller logfiles can be distinguished, and send in the both zip archives to SERT support if requested to do so.