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My test result got a problem, it's show"INVALID: [YokogawaWT310 (power_localhost_8890_0)] Idle:Idle:idle: The power analyzer had 100.0% samples with uncertainty of more than 1%, exceeding the threshold of 5.0%" , can you give me some suggestion , thanks so much.

Mike Petrich

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Hi Yvonne,

What this is saying is that 100% of your samples had an uncertainty greater than 1%. It would appear that the current range setting for the idle worket is set too high for the interval. Try editing the range setting for idle in the SERT GUI power analyzer options or by editing listners.xml. It should be set to the average value reported during test, or in this instance what you see on the analyzer when there is no activity on the SUT.

More information can be found at

The following is an excerpt from section 2.6:
"For compliant SPECpowerbenchmark runs, specific uncertainty requirements have to be guaranteed according to  the SPECpower  Run  and  Reporting  Rules.  The  uncertainty  of  a measured  power value depends on how well the configured volt and ampere ranges fit to this value. The formulas to calculate the uncertainty often directly include the configured volt and ampere ranges. Selecting the volt range is quite easy as the voltage depends only on the power source and does not change during the test. Selecting the ampere range is more complex, because it differs with the SUT’s power  consumption  during  the  benchmark  run.  A  large  difference  between  different  load  levels  may even require individual ampere range settings for each level. PTDaemon  has  the  ability  to  select  the  closest  range  appropriate  for  a  requested  value.    The information is maintained on a per-analyzer basis.  For example, if you specify a range of 2.2A and the analyzer  in  use  has  ranges  of  0.5,  1.0,  2.0  and  5.0A,  PTDaemon  will  set  the  analyzer  to  the  5.0A range."
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