Author Topic: SERT 2.0.4 / 2.0.3 gets stuck in the end  (Read 5266 times)


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SERT 2.0.4 / 2.0.3 gets stuck in the end
« on: June 28, 2021, 03:25:47 AM »

I have an issue regarding the SERT 2.0.4 / 2.0.3 when using an Windows based Host System ( where i start the serthost.bat ).

The Test is running so far fine till it comes to the end, just before he wants to create the Results, it gets stuck with a message "will complete shortly" and than nothing happens anymore.
I even let the System run for several hours but it remains the same.

What i tried, was to end the serthost.bat to see what happens, it than continues but after a short while it gives an error saying he canĀ“t create the results.

I attached a screenshot with the "error", if needed i already created some logs which i can provide, too.  (from host and gui system)

Kind Regards

Sanjay Sharma

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Re: SERT 2.0.4 / 2.0.3 gets stuck in the end
« Reply #1 on: July 01, 2021, 11:14:34 AM »
Thank you for contacting us with this issue.

Please file a support at the following URL and please attach the logs you have collected.