Author Topic: INVALID:[ZES LMG500:1-Channel]CPU:LU:50%:The power ana had 6,5% bad power read..  (Read 4878 times)


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I got some problems with my test results; for example it shows"INVALID: [ZES LMG500:1-Channel (power_localhost_8888_0)] CPU:LU:50%: The power analyzer had 6,5% bad power readings, exceeding the threshold of 1,0%" , can you give me some suggestion , thank you very much.

Mike Petrich

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Greetings, these can sometimes be caused when a power value over ranges the specified value for the interval. Sometimes specifying the next range up for the interval will help. If you are unable to resolve the issue, please open a ticket with logs files at and indicate the power and temperature instrumentation component. Thanks!