Author Topic: SERT end early due to ChauffeurIOException: Exception flushing data  (Read 5836 times)


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When I use SERT1.1.1 for testing, I planned to run a full test suite. However, SERT always ended after CPU-Compress worklet. I checked director.log and found a line as below.
Warning: Exception while ending workload
org.spec.chauffeur.common.ChauffeurIOException: Exception flushing data

Is this some sort of JAVA setting problem? How can I fix it?
My SUT has 112 threads. I set JAVAOPTIONS_DIRECTOR=-Xms256m -Xmx1024m for director.bat with 64Gb memory on control unit.
Asking for advices. Thank you.


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Hello, and sorry for the delay in responding.  There are a number of different possible causes for this issue, including networking problems and a few others.  This is a case where it's probably better to submit a SERT support ticket, attaching the collectlogfiles output from the controller and the SUT, so we can diagnose the problem.