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SERT2.0.6 Unable to establish status connection with director on port 8897


Hi SERT Team, when I using the SERT 2.0.6 to test the multi-node system(128 cores per CPU and 2CPU per Node, total 6 nodes ), I encountered the following issues.

"Unable to establish status connection with director on port 8897
 Q: Is Uilistener enabled in listeners.xml on local director?
 Timed out waiting for test suit to cancel.
 Restarting the GUI may be necessary to re-launch the test successfully....."

I've tried to edit the director-run script (director.bat/ to Xmx1024m, Xmx40964m...etc, but still does not work.

Please let me know if there is any workaround, thank you

Hello Joseph,

This error usually occurs when there's a connectivity issue between the devices.

* Can you ping one device from the other?
* Have you tried disabling your firewall before starting SERT?Give these two items a try and see if that resolves your issue.

Hi pgalizia

Thank you for your reply
I've confirmed that nodes can pin each other and the firewall is already disabled.
still not resolves the issue.

Hello Joseph,

Sorry for the problem.  Can you try to run with logging enabled, and forward the logfile?  See Section 3.1.3 in the SERT User Guide on where the logfile is located, and attach those files for analysis.

Hi pgalizia

After checking log file:

"SEVERE: Exception while running the suite
org.spec.chauffeur.common.ChauffeurIOException: Two or more hosts had the same id 'user-02'.  Ensure that each host has a unique hostname, or specifies a unique host id on the command-line"

So far, the EUT can process test suit successfully, since I change the ID name for each device.

Thank you.


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