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currently i have some Problems with the SERT ( 2.0.6, 2.0.7 ) after quite some time I wanted to Test some more Systems.

First I had some Problems, with the Connection to the Host Disk Drives which I managed to fix, but now there is another Problem occurred.

When I start the Test a message with “attempting to start test suit” appears , see screenshot1.

After about 3-4 minutes the Test finishes, which is quite strange, see screenshot2.

When I look into the Results, I see that the workloads are configured but no results has been recorded for them, see screenshot3.

Hope you can help me with this Problem.

Kind regards

Hello Mr.Brown,

Could you generate some log files using the collector scripts and attach those, so we can get a better look at what's going on with that setup?

See, Section 7.1.  That explains how to setup the log file collection, start the SERT run, and then find the resulting log files afterward.  That should give us a better idea of what the problem might be.


Hi pgalizia,

my first issue is resolved, seems like pending Windows Updates with integrated Driver Updates were the Problem for that. Now the Test is starting and running till the end.

But i have a new Problem, i have some error messages in my results, see the attached screenshot ( new issue ), furthermore i created the log files for that new issue.

Kind Regards

Thank you, Mr.Brown, for the logs.  Those are quite helpful!

From what I see, it looks like there are two issues:

* The LU worklet's transactions are at 90.2% of the target
* The power sensor has 100% of its samples with unknown certainty
For the LU worklet, I see "cpuWarmupIntervalCount" in "config-all.xml" is set to "8" (instead of the default of 3).  You may need to experiment with values between 3 and 10 to find the right number of warmups for the LU worklet (I've seen cases where setting cpuWarmupIntervalCount too high resulted in a similar issue for LU, and once I reduced it one or two iterations, it was fine).

As for the power sensor running with unknown certainty, this could be caused running the sensor with auto-ranging on. which isn't supported for SERT runs (doesn't allow for uncertainty measurements).  See Section 5 in, which describes how to set up SERT's power ranges.  You can also check the "Power and Temperature Measurement Setup Guide" at for additional information that may be relevant to your Hioki PW3337 device.

Give those items a try and let me know if that resolves those problems.  Thanks again!

Hi pgalizia,

sorry for the delay in this case.
I resolved both issues i had with the following solutions:

1. for the LU Worklet i tested all range numbers from 1-10 and in my case with number 2 the error message were gone.
2. i managed to clear this issue with the "Range Discovery" Test after that a "Full Test" was okay with no error.

Thank you for the help and for the recommendations.

Kind Regards
Mr. Brown


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