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something wrong with appserver


2023-11-0216:23:26:254setting hostsReadytrue
2023-11-0216:23:26:254 PrimeControl:calling getBuildNumber()
2023-11-0216:23:26:255 PrimeControl:buiLdNum[2] =80
2023-11-02 16:23:26:255 PrimeControl:getting job id=2
2023-11-02 16:23:38:874 PrimeControl:buildNum[1]=80
2023-11-02 16:23:38:898 PrimeControl:getting job id=1
2023-11-02 16:23:38:908 specvirt:waiting on 1 prime clients
2023-11-02 16:25:41:829 PrimeControL:buildNum[0]= 79
2023-11-02 16:25:41:832_PrimeControl:getting job id=0
2023-11-02 16:25:41:835 PrimeControl:[ERROR]masters[o]build numbers(79) do not match the specvirt prime controllers(80)Please update complete harnessand retry
2023-11-02 16:25:41:835 PrimeControl:[ERROR]startMasters() failed!
2023-]-02 16:25:41:835PrimeControlsending abort Test  to prime clients
2023-11-02 16:25:41:836PrimeControl:setting job:6
2023-11-0216:25:41:836PrimeControl:got job : 6   id=0
2023-11-0216:25:41:836PrimeControl:got job:

Hi Bob,

Apologies for any trouble with the SPECvirt_sc2013 benchmark. It looks like there is some kind of version mismatch going on here. Could you please provide us with the details on your test harness? Specifically, what version of the kit are you using and did you apply any benchmark updates to either your prime controller, SUT VMs., or your clients.



I think these resources can be useful to you:

SPECvirt_sc2013 Documentation:

thank you!


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