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Title: Interpreting the SPEC results
Post by: vinaykhosla on June 25, 2014, 12:49:11 AM
I scanned SPEC website for published results. For example I took this benchmark result -

http://spec.org/virt_sc2013/results/res2014q1/virt_sc2013-20140211-00010-perf.html (http://spec.org/virt_sc2013/results/res2014q1/virt_sc2013-20140211-00010-perf.html)

I would like to know what these results means. How do we interpret them? I have marked the results in the images attached with this post with red boxes which I would like to know.

Title: Re: Interpreting the SPEC results
Post by: lroderic on June 25, 2014, 01:24:42 PM
Vinay, these are the transaction counts and response times as measured by SPECjAppServer2004. Each workload has its own QoS measurements - see the Client Harness User Guide @ http://www.spec.org/virt_sc2013/docs/SPECvirt_ClientHarnessUserGuide.html for more info on how we set these for SPECvirt. For detailed info, see the SPECjAppServer2004 documentation.

The harness captures each workload's results, and if the test if valid (that is, all other workloads pass their QoS requirements), it includes them in the html report it generates.