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I was wondering if anyone else has seen this behavior.  Once in a while we get a director_out.txt file that has the time-stamped entries out of order. When this happens there are Java exceptions in the file as well.

Some examples of exceptions:
WARNING: Exception during interval
  Caused by: Connection reset by peer
WARNING: Exception while ending sequence
WARNING: Exception while ending phase
  Caused by: Broken pipe
WARNING: Exception while ending worklet
  Caused by: Broken pipe
WARNING: Exception while ending suite
  Caused by: Broken pipe
SEVERE: Exception generating reports
SEVERE: Exception while running the suite

Thank you, Darwin, for sharing your intermittent symptom, which appears to be a new observation -- I recommend (you open) a support ticket with the SERT Support Request Form, attaching relevant forensic evidence per 7. General Troubleshooting via the following guidance.

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