Author Topic: specIMAP run_load_gen & run_init synax may need tweaking for newer java builds  (Read 878 times)


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Perhaps this has been spotted by someone else but I found the syntax of the above two scripts to be incompatible with java 1.8.0_112.

mailserver1# cat
java -jar -mx1500m -ms1500m -classpath ".:./check.jar" specimapclient.jar -p 1200

mailserver1# cat
java -jar -mx64m -ms64m specimap.jar -clean -init -noverify

not a big fix but the -jar needs to be directly in front of the .jar in each case:

mailserver1# java -jar -mx1500m -ms1500m -classpath ".:./check.jar" specimapclient.jar -p 1200
Error: Could not find or load main class specimapclient.jar

mailserver1# java -mx1500m -ms1500m -classpath ".:./check.jar" -jar specimapclient.jar -p 1200
2016-12-21 16:37:00:153 SPECvirt-IMAP version SPECvirt-IMAP v1.1
2016-12-21 16:37:00:171 specimapclient: mailserver1:1200 ready...

I don't remember hitting issues when running with older java builds so perhaps the newer version is less tolerant but thought I would mention this in case anyone hits it.




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Thanks Andrew for debugging and alerting us to this.  We'll update the syntax on the start scripts to be more Java 8 friendly.


Chris Floyd