Picture-Level Benchmark Report
© Copyright 1999, Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation

IBM RS/6000 Model 43P-150 375Mhz
Composite PLBmarks
PLBwire93 257.7
PLBsurf93 467.0
Benchmark NameNormalizing FactorPLBmarks
3D Wireframe
1. sys_chassis1200263.9355.6
2. race_car6800326.7NA
3. seafloor6200159.8183.0
3D Surface
4. cyl_head1200384.8419.5
5. head4800448.5493.6
6. shuttle4000341.1NA
7. studio2500737.5NA
8. oceantopo25000198.5276.5

OptimizationsUsed in Benchmark #
Sort lines by attribute 1
Some primitives decomposed into convex polygons 4
Allow rotation of polygon vertices to search for triangulatable p 4
Connect common endpoints 1
Limit triangle strips to 50 triangles per strip 5
Mark triangulatable polgons as convex 4
Limit lines to 100 vertices per line 3,8
Facet normals provided where not provided by BIF 4

Graphics Accelerator POWER GXT3000P Processor Type 375MHz 604e PowerPC Operating System AIX 4.3.2
Total Graphics Memory 40 MB Number of CPUs 1 Compiler Name IBM C Compiler
Image Buffer 24+24 bits Floating Point Integral Compiler Version 3.1.3
Overlay/Underlay Buffer 8/0 bits Primary Cache (KB) 32/32 (D/I) Window System AIXWindows 4.3.2
Depth Buffer 24 bits Secondary Cache (KB) 1024 API graPHIGS
Stencil Buffer 8 bits Tertiary Cache (KB) 0 API Version 2.3
Accumulation Buffer Virtual Memory Memory (MB) 128 API Vendor IBM
Auxiliary Buffer 0 bits Disk (MB) 4500 PLB Version V2.1rA
Other Buffer 24 bits Driver Version Not Applicable
Display List Memory Virtual Memory Comments
Texture Memory 16 MB
System configured to swap buffers on demand (GS_BUFFER_SWAP_MODE=I).
Display Manufacturer/Model IBM/P92
Display Resolution 1280x1024
Display Size/Type 19-inch/Color
Display Refresh Rate 75Hz
Swap on Vertical Retrace No

List Price (as of 11/9/98)$18,495 (includes monitor)
Test Date10/98
General Availability10/98

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