OPC Light-01 Report
© Copyright 1997, Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation

DIGITAL Personal Workstation 500a
Powerstorm 4D50T
Test #WeightFrames
DLB TimeVisual/Pixel FormatFrame Buffer Accum. Buffer
 (%) (sec.)IDLevelDoubleStereoRGBADepth BufferStencil BufferRGBA
125.01.32NA NTrueFalse88802461616160
225.01.68NA NTrueFalse88802461616160
325.00.815NA NTrueFalse88802461616160
425.01.02NA NTrueFalse88802461616160
Light-01 Weighted Geometric Mean = 1.165

Graphics Accelerator Powerstorm 4D50T Processor Type 21164 500MHz Operating System Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 (Build 1381: Service Pack 2)
Total Graphics Memory 16 MB Number of CPUs 1 O/S Type Windows NT
Image Buffer 24+24 bits Floating Point Integral Compiler Name Microsoft & Digital Alpha C/C++ Optimizing Compiler
Overlay/Underlay Buffer 4/4 bits Primary Cache (KB) 8/8 (D/I) Compiler Version Version 10.01.AAa
Depth Buffer 24 bits Secondary Cache (KB) 96 (D+I) Window System Microsoft Windows NT 4.0
Stencil Buffer 6 bits Tertiary Cache (KB) 2000 OpenGL Version 1.1
Accumulation Buffer 64 bits (VM) Memory (MB) 64 OpenGL Renderer PowerStorm 4D 40T/50T/60T
Auxiliary Buffer 0 bits Disk (MB) 2100 OpenGL Vendor Digital Equipment Corp.
Other Buffer 14 bits Viewperf Version 5.0
Display List Memory NA Driver Version NA
Texture Memory 4 MB Comments
Display Manufacturer/Model Digital/VRC17
Display Resolution 1280x1024
Display Size/Type 17-inch/Color
Display Refresh Rate 76 Hz
Swap on Vertical Retrace No

List Price (as of 5/2/97)$19,280 (Monitor included)
Test Date4/97
General AvailabilityNow
Submitted byDigital

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