<b>SPEC</b> JVM Client98 Help Tuning Notes

This file contains free format text documenting miscellaneous test information, and is included in the "tuning notes" section of the reporting page. The default tuning note file below explains how you may use HTML tags in your notes.

Enter tuning notes here
This is the default tuning note file. You may prefer to edit a set of
such files with your system text editor and then enter the appropriate
URL in the initial dialog box to minimize the editing required here.
You may use simple HTML elements in these notes, such as
<LI>of various types

Paragraph breaks

Headings. Use only small headings for readability
h4 and h5

         1         2         3         4
And text in fixed width font
(pre-formatted) In this case, you
should ensure that your lines are no
longer than about 40 columns
or your reporting page may be too wide
to print.