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Panasas, Inc. :Panasas ActiveScale storage cluster (60 DirectorBlades)
SPECsfs97_R1.v3 =305805 Ops/Sec (Overall Response Time = 1.76 msec)


Performance Graph


Server Configuration and Availability
Vendor Panasas, Inc.
Hardware Available October 2003
Software AvailableJanuary 2004
Date TestedOctober 2003
SFS License Number250
Licensee LocationsFremont, CA

CPU, Memory and Power
Model Name Panasas ActiveScale storage cluster (60 DirectorBlades)
Processor 2.4 GHz Intel LV Xeon
# of Processors 60 (1 per DirectorBlade)
Primary Cache 12K uops I + 8KB D on-chip
Secondary Cache 512KB on-chip
Other Cache N/A
UPS Integrated into Panasas Shelf
Other Hardware N/A
Memory Size 240 GB (4 GB per DirectorBlade)
NVRAM Size All memory is UPS protected
NVRAM Type UPS-protected DRAM
NVRAM DescriptionCache commit with UPS protection, flushed to local disk on failure with recovery software (see notes)

Server Software
OS Name and VersionPanasas ActiveScale V 1.2
Other Software N/A
File System Panasas ActiveScale File System
NFS version 3

Server Tuning
Buffer Cache Size Dynamic
# NFS Processes 3000 (50 per DirectorBlade)
Fileset Size 2900.9 GB

Network Subsystem
Network Type Gigabit Ethernet (standard 1500 byte frames)
Network Controller Desc. Integrated Broadcom NetXtreme BCM5703
Number Networks 1 (N1)
Number Network Controllers60 (1 per DirectorBlade)
Protocol Type TCP

Switch Type Extreme BlackDiamond 6816
Bridge Type N/A
Hub Type N/A
Other Network Hardware N/A

Disk Subsystem and Filesystems
Number Disk Controllers 60 (each GE NIC is also an iSCSI HBA)
Number of Disks 540 (270 OSD StorageBlades - 2 disks per blade)
Number of Filesystems 60 (see notes)
File System Creation Opsdefault
File System Config 10 Bladesets, RAID 5 per file, RAID width of 10 blades (see notes)

Disk Controller Integrated Broadcom NetXtreme BCM5703 (as iSCSI HBA and host NIC)
# of Controller Type 18
Number of Disks 324 (162 OSD StorageBlades - 2 disks per blade)
Disk Type 100300-001 240 GB StorageBlade (two 120GB, 7200 RPM, S-ATA disks per blade)
File Systems on Disks V1 .. V36
Special Config Notes see notes

Disk Controller Integrated Broadcom NetXtreme BCM5703 (as iSCSI HBA and host NIC)
# of Controller Type 12
Number of Disks 216 (108 OSD StorageBlades - 2 disks per blade)
Disk Type 100100-001 160 GB StorageBlade (two 80GB, 7200 RPM, ATA/100 disks per blade)
File Systems on Disks V37 .. V60
Special Config Notes see notes

Load Generator (LG) Configuration
Number of Load Generators 45
Number of Processes per LG60
Biod Max Read Setting 2
Biod Max Write Setting 2

LG Type LG1
LG Model ASA SuperMicro SuperServer
Number and Type Processors2.4 GHz Intel Pentium 4 Xeon
Memory Size 1024 MB
Operating System Red Hat Linux 7.3, kernel 2.4.21
Compiler gcc 2.96
Network Type Intel Pro/1000 Gigabit Ethernet, MTU = 1500

Testbed Configuration
LG #LG TypeNetworkTarget File SystemsNotes
1/2/../45LG1N1V1, V2, .. V60N/A

Other Notes

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