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Compaq Computer Corporation :Compaq AlphaServer ES45 1000
SPECsfs97_R1.v3 =27566 Ops/Sec (Overall Response Time = 1.40 msec)


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Server Configuration and Availability
Vendor Compaq Computer Corporation
Hardware Available October 2001
Software AvailableJanuary 2002
Date TestedApril 2002
SFS License Number2
Licensee LocationsNashua, NH

CPU, Memory and Power
Model Name Compaq AlphaServer ES45 1000
Processor 1 GHz EV68 21264C
# of Processors 4
Primary Cache 64KB(I)+64KB(D) on chip
Secondary Cache 8MB off chip
Other Cache None
UPS --
Other Hardware --
Memory Size 32 GB
NVRAM Size 4 GB (2 GB per HSV110 Pair)
NVRAM Type HSV110 Storage Controller
NVRAM Description96 hour battery backup

Server Software
OS Name and VersionCompaq Tru64 UNIX V5.1A (Rev. 1885) (see Other notes)
Other Software --
File System UFS
NFS version 3

Server Tuning
Buffer Cache Size Dynamic (UBC Cache)
# NFS Processes 256 kernel threads
Fileset Size 261.1 GB

Network Subsystem
Network Type Jumbo Frame Gigabit
Network Controller Desc. PCI to Gigabit Ethernet Controller (DEGPA-SA)
Number Networks 2 (N1-N2)
Number Network Controllers2
Protocol Type UDP

Switch Type 1 x ALTEON WebSystems Alteon 180
Bridge Type N/A
Hub Type N/A
Other Network Hardware N/A

Disk Subsystem and Filesystems
Number Disk Controllers 3
Number of Disks 97
Number of Filesystems 60 (F1-F60)
File System Creation Opsdefault
File System Config default

Disk Controller Internal LVD Ultra SCSI controller
# of Controller Type 1
Number of Disks 1
Disk Type BD0186349B (18GB Ultra SCSI, 10000rpm)
File Systems on Disks OS, swap
Special Config Notes OS (partitions A & G), Swap (partition B)

Disk Controller PCI to Fibre Channel Controller (DS-KGPSA-CA)
# of Controller Type 2
Number of Disks 96
Disk Type 238590-B21 (36GB, 10000rpm FC-AL)
File Systems on Disks F1-F30, F31-F60
Special Config Notes See Other notes

Load Generator (LG) Configuration
Number of Load Generators 6
Number of Processes per LG60
Biod Max Read Setting 6
Biod Max Write Setting 6

LG Type LG1
LG Model Compaq AlphaServer DS20E Model 67/667
Number and Type Processors2 667MHz 21264A
Memory Size 1GB
Operating System Compaq Tru64 UNIX V5.1A (Rev. 1885) (see Other notes)
Compiler (SPEC supplied binaries)
Compiler Options M.dec_unix
Network Type PCI to Gigabit Ethernet Controller (DEGPA-SA)

Testbed Configuration
LG #LG TypeNetworkTarget File SystemsNotes

Other Notes

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