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EMC Corp :Celerra NS80G Failover Cluster 4 Xblade60's (1 stdby)
SPECsfs97_R1.v3 =123109 Ops/Sec (Overall Response Time = 1.79 msec)


Performance Graph


Server Configuration and Availability
Vendor EMC Corp
Hardware Available November 2006
Software AvailableNovember 2006
Date TestedNovember 2006
SFS License Number47
Licensee LocationsHopkinton, MA

CPU, Memory and Power
Model Name Celerra NS80G Failover Cluster 4 Xblade60's (1 stdby)
Processor 3.6 GHz Intel Pentium 4 (Irwindale)
# of Processors 6 cores, 6 chips, 1 core/chip with HT Technology enabled (2 chips per Xblade60)
Primary Cache 16 KB Data + 12 K instruction uOPs
Secondary Cache 2 MB (unified)
Other Cache N/A
Other Hardware EMC DS-4100B 4Gbit Fibre Channel Switch. See the NS80 Datamover to CX3-80 StorageArray Connectivity notes below.
Memory Size 12 GB (4 GB per Xblade60)
NVRAM DescriptionN/A

Server Software
OS Name and VersionDART
Other Software N/A
File System UxFS
NFS version 3

Server Tuning
Buffer Cache Size Dynamic
# NFS Processes 4
Fileset Size 1218.5 GB

Network Subsystem
Network Type Jumbo Gigabit Ethernet
Network Controller Desc. Gigabit Ethernet Controller
Number Networks 1
Number Network Controllers6 (2 of the 4 available per Xblade60 were used)
Protocol Type TCP

Switch Type Cisco 6500 Gbit Switch (Jumbo)
Bridge Type N/A
Hub Type N/A
Other Network Hardware N/A

Disk Subsystem and Filesystems
Number Disk Controllers 6 (2 per active Xblade60)
Number of Disks 450
Number of Filesystems 3
File System Creation OpsDIR_COMPAT
File System Config The file systems were each striped across 150 disks. These disks were bound into 90 4+1 RAID 5 LUNs. The first 5 disks fs1 is striped over is shared space with the Celerra reserved LUNs that contain the file system logs.

Disk Controller Integrated 4 Gb Fibre Channel
# of Controller Type 8 (2 per SP)
Number of Disks 225 (dual ported) per CX3-80 Storage Array
Disk Type 15K RPM 146 GB Fibre Channel (part # 005048701)
File Systems on Disks File system fs1 (150 disks), File system fs2 (150 disks), File system fs3 (150 disks), UxFS log shares 5 disks with fs1
Special Config Notes 8 GB cache per CX3-80 SP, 2 pairs of CX3-80 SP's. (Configured as 3072 MB Mirrored write cache per SP pair, 3656 MB read cache per SP of the 2 CX3-80 Storage Arrays). See notes below.

Load Generator (LG) Configuration
Number of Load Generators 18
Number of Processes per LG36
Biod Max Read Setting 5
Biod Max Write Setting 5

LG Type LG1
LG Model Dell PowerEdge 1750
Number and Type Processors2 x 3.06 GHz Intel P4 Xeon with HT Technology enabled
Memory Size 2 GB
Operating System Linux 2.2.21-4smp
Compiler GCC 3.2.3
Compiler Options -O
Network Type Broadcom BCM5704 NetXtreme Gigabit Ethernet

Testbed Configuration
LG #LG TypeNetworkTarget File SystemsNotes
1LG11/fs1, fs2, fs3, ..., /fs1, /fs2, /fs3N/A
2LG11/fs1, fs2, fs3, ..., /fs1, /fs2, /fs3N/A
3LG11/fs1, fs2, fs3, ..., /fs1, /fs2, /fs3N/A
4LG11/fs1, fs2, fs3, ..., /fs1, /fs2, /fs3N/A
5LG11/fs1, fs2, fs3, ..., /fs1, /fs2, /fs3N/A
6LG11/fs1, fs2, fs3, ..., /fs1, /fs2, /fs3N/A
7LG11/fs1, fs2, fs3, ..., /fs1, /fs2, /fs3N/A
8LG11/fs1, fs2, fs3, ..., /fs1, /fs2, /fs3N/A
9LG11/fs1, fs2, fs3, ..., /fs1, /fs2, /fs3N/A
10LG11/fs1, fs2, fs3, ..., /fs1, /fs2, /fs3N/A
11LG11/fs1, fs2, fs3, ..., /fs1, /fs2, /fs3N/A
12LG11/fs1, fs2, fs3, ..., /fs1, /fs2, /fs3N/A
13LG11/fs1, fs2, fs3, ..., /fs1, /fs2, /fs3N/A
14LG11/fs1, fs2, fs3, ..., /fs1, /fs2, /fs3N/A
15LG11/fs1, fs2, fs3, ..., /fs1, /fs2, /fs3N/A
16LG11/fs1, fs2, fs3, ..., /fs1, /fs2, /fs3N/A
17LG11/fs1, fs2, fs3, ..., /fs1, /fs2, /fs3N/A
18LG11/fs1, fs2, fs3, ..., /fs1, /fs2, /fs3N/A

Other Notes

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