SPECvirt ® Datacenter 2021 Patches

The following patch is available for SPECvirt Datacenter 2021.

10 May 2023 - SPECvirt_datacenter2021-p1.tgz

This patch addresses the issue of erroneous MD5 mismatches of the /etc/tuned/active_profile file reported on some workload VMs on SUTs running a large number of tiles or that are under heavy load. To use this patch you must modify your template VM(s) and all harness/SUT VMs already created in your test environment.

We recommend that this patch be applied once you have created your svdc-director VM, as it will be able to assign an IP address and hostname to your template VM (hostname=svdc-template) as well as any other harness VMs that have already been created. You should copy the patch tarball to a convenient location on the director (e.g. /root) and then follow these steps on all existing VMs and template VMs (the VM(s) must be running and accessible to the svdc-director):

  1. As root, copy the file SPECvirt_datacenter2021-p1.tgz to /root on the VM:

    scp SPECvirt_datacenter2021-p1.tgz root@[Target VM]:/root

  2. Unpack the tarball on the VM:

    ssh root@[Target VM] "tar zxf SPECvirt_datacenter2021-p1.tgz"

Note: You also need to apply the patch to your svdc-director VM.

Note: This patch is optional for SPECvirt Datacenter 2021 v1.0. However if it is used, you must apply it to all templates, harness VMs, and workload VMs in your environment.

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