SPEC virt_sc ® 2013 Patches

The following patch is available for SPEC virt_sc ® 2013 V1.1:

This patch fixes an error that caused the validator to mark a test run as non-compliant when it uses any of the TLS protocols with webserver. If you use SSLv3, you don't need to apply this patch.

To apply this patch, download the patch archive on every tile's client into its SPECweb2005 directory (for example, /opt/SPECweb2005) then:

cd /opt/SPECweb2005
tar -xzvf SPECvirt_scV1.1_p1_xdelta.tgz

Be sure to apply the patch to each tile's client. You either can run the patch script on the clients or use a secure copy command to put the patched .jar and .class files on the other clients.

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