SPECjbb2013 - Known Issues (07. January, 2013)

This is a place where SPEC has collected descriptions (and solutions) to installation, build, and runtime problems encountered by people using the SPECjbb20013 benchmark. If your issue is not amongst the known issues, please bring it to the attention of SPECjbb2013 Support via e-mail to: support@spec.org with "SPECjbb" in the subject line.

Response time spikes in Response-Throughput (RT) graph in the HTML report

In some cases, benchmark metric "max-jOPS" run-to-run variability could be high

Benchmark metric "critical-jOPS" run-to-run variability could be high

In rare cases, benchmark metric max-jOPS > 100% HBIR

Scaling of >16 groups inside a single OS image

No connections among SPECjbb2013-Distributed instances running across OS images when firewall enabled

CPU utilization of less than 90%

Exception at the beginning of the run

Submit errors during the run


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