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Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation

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SPECweb96 Issues

This is a place where we shall be collecting descriptions (and solutions) to problems encountered by people actually using the SPECweb96 benchmark.

Current Issues

Windows NT Results
There are a few specific settings that must be correct for a result on NT 4.0 to be fully compliant...
Wafgen "-n" values
How to determine the correct value to feed to wafgen?
Notes in the "rc" files
How does one get the notes to show up in the results files?
neterr = 4
What are these "neterr = 4" in the log-client*.log files?
Errors hitting Class3 mix
Why am I having trouble hitting the mix for Class3 requests?
SPECweb96 WWW filetypes
What is the MIME types for the files on the WWW server?
Not enough class data
Why do my runs on NT die with: "Run 1 did not return enough class data."?