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Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation

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SPECapc for Pro/ENGINEER™ 2001 is a completely new benchmark developed in conjunction with Cognitive Advantage, a Nashua, N.H., contract software engineering and performance evaluation firm. The results for SPECapc for Pro/ENGINEER™ 2001 cannot be compared to those of previous versions of the benchmark. (Note: The original SPECapc for Pro/ENGINEER 2001 benchmark posted on this site contained a minor bug that affected the accuracy of results. A version was added to this site on August 23, 2002 to correct that error. The previous version should not be used for performance evaluation.)

The new benchmark uses a complex model of a race car assembly to exercise all areas of system performance relevant to Pro/E users. The model was provided by PTC, developers of Pro/ENGINEER. Eight tests are run to measure performance in five categories: CPU, I/O, wireframe graphics, shaded graphics, and file time. Scores are compiled for individual tests, then calculated as weighted composites for each of the five categories and as an overall composite.

Users must have a 3D graphics display device recognized by Pro/ENGINEER in order to run the benchmark. A fully licensed, released version of Pro/ENGINEER 2001 is required. If a floating license is used, the workstation's network must be configured as documented in the Pro/ENGINEER installation guide.

The reference system for computing the normalized ratio is a Pentium III 1GHz, with an 840 chipset, Quadro2 Pro graphics card, Windows 2000 SP2, 1GB RDRAM PC800, and an 18GB Quantum Atlas2 10K hard drive.