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SPEC ACCEL src.alt
For SPEC Benchmark Licensees Only!

Read the SPEC License Agreement! Downloading any material here constitutes your acceptance of the terms and conditions of the SPEC License Agreement. If you are not a current licensee of SPEC ACCEL, you will need to first license your own copy before you can use any of the distributions here.

If for some reason the benchmark is found to not run for you because of bugs in the benchmark, standard violations, among other reasons, changes may be requested which correct the problem and may be used for base runs. Please see the run rules for more information.

Alternate source files for V1.3

Alternate source files for, which fixes an issue where the comparison of a file variable to "NULL" causes a compilation error. The error may occur when using the C++11 standard due to a change in the standard's declaration of the "basic_ios" Boolean operator from returning a void pointer to an explicit bool operator.

Alternate source files for V1.2

Alternate source files for 556.psp, which fixes two bugs in the OpenMP 4.5 source code which may cause a data race and synchronization issue.

This source alt fixes a bug in the OpenMP 4.5 source code for 553.PCLVRLEAF, where two "distribute" loops in the same "teams" construct have a dependence between them (this is not allowed, since "distribute" loops are effectively "nowait").

Also, the source alt adds several "end" directives where were missing from the original source.

Alternate source files for V1.0

The following srcalt tar file has been accepted for use by the HPG Committee and can be explicitly added to the SPEC ACCEL v1.0 directory tree: