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Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation

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SPECjvm2008 (Java Virtual Machine Benchmark) is a benchmark suite for measuring the performance of a Java Runtime Environment (JRE), containing several real life applications and benchmarks focusing on core java functionality.  The suite focuses on the performance of the JRE executing a single application; it reflects the performance of the hardware processor and memory subsystem, but has low dependence on file I/O and includes no network I/O across machines. The SPECjvm2008 workload mimics a variety of common general purpose application computations. These characteristics reflect the intent that this benchmark will be applicable to measuring basic Java performance on a wide variety of both client and server systems.

SPEC also finds user experience of Java important, and the suite therefore includes startup benchmarks and has a required run category called base, which must be run without any tuning of the JVM to improve the out of the box performance.

SPECjvm2008 Benchmark Highlights

  • Leverages real life applications (like derby, sunflow, and javac) and area-focused benchmarks (like xml, serialization, crypto, and scimark).
  • Also measures the performance of the operating system and hardware in the context of executing the JRE.


Submitted Results – Text and HTML outputs for the SPECjvm2008 metrics; includes all of the results submitted to SPEC from licensees of the benchmark.

Flag Descriptions – Further documentation about tunings used for a published result which are not included in the result's notes section may be found here.


The software documentation is available both here and in the SPECjvm2008 download package:

Issues Building/Running SPECjvm2008 – Installation, build, and runtime issues raised by users of SPECjvm2008.

Press Material


Download a copy of SPECjvm2008, the first freely available SPEC/OSG Java benchmark.


Thanks to the contributors who offered code and/or assistance with workload development during the development of the SPECjvm2008 suite.

Future Benchmark Workload Development
Call For Participation:

If you are a developer of a JRE or a Virtual Machine, this is your opportunity to help shape the standardized testing of your competitors! Contact SPEC at for information about membership in SPEC and participation in benchmark development.