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Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation

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SPECstorage Solution 2020

The SPECstorage Solution 2020 benchmark is the latest version of the Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation benchmark suite measuring file server throughput and response time, providing a standardized method for comparing performance across different vendor platforms. The suite is the successor to the SPEC SFS® 2014 benchmark.

The SPECstorage Solution 2020 benchmark price is $2000 for new customers and $500 for qualified non profit organizations and accredited academic institutions. To find out if your organization has an existing license for a SPEC product please contact SPEC at

New Features:

  • Additional workload attributes increase the fidelity of the workload behavior modeling.
  • Increased scaling for larger systems. Previously the maximum number of processes in the system was 60,000. This has been increased to 4 Million.
  • New workloads for the AI Image processing and Genomic processing.
  • Detailed logging and visualization facilities of workload activity.
  • Improved global workload distribution and synchronization. This enables workload generation to span the globe.
  • Reduction in TCP port usage.
  • Enhanced support for Dedup and compression.
  • Support for heterogeneous client load generation. (Simultaneous Windows & Unix, SMB & NFS)


Submitted Results
Includes all of the results submitted for publication to SPEC from licensees of the benchmark. Note: these results are not comparable to results from earlier versions of the SPEC SFS® benchmarks; SPEC SFS® 2014, SPEC SFS® 2008, SPEC SFS® 97_R1, and SPEC SFS® 97. Also, the individual SPECstorage Solution 2020 benchmark metrics (SPECstorage Solution 2020_ai_image, SPECstorage Solution 2020_genomics, SPECstorage Solution 2020_vda, SPECstorage Solution 2020_swbuild, and SPECstorage Solution 2020_eda_blended ) are not comparable to each other due to differences in the workloads.

Benchmark Documentation

User's Guide: PDF, DOCX
Run and Reporting Rules: PDF, DOCX
What's new in SPECstorage Solution 2020: PDF, DOCX
Release Notes: PDF, DOCX
Known Issues/Technical Support