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SPECmail2008 (RETIRED: July 2009)

SPECmail2008 is a software benchmark designed to measure a system's ability to act as an enterprise mail server servicing email requests based on the Internet standard protocols SMTP and IMAP4. The benchmark concentrates on the workload encountered by corporate mail servers, with an overall user count in the range of 250-5,000 users. It models IMAP business users accessing IMAP servers over fast local area networks (LAN) instead of broadband, WAN or dialup access speeds.

SPECmail2008 Retirement

The SPECmail2008 suite was retired in July 2009. As of July 24, 2009, no further SPECmail2008 results are being accepted for publication on the SPEC web site. Please see the current mail server benchmark suite, SPECmail2009.


Submitted Results
Results published from the release of the benchmark in August 2008 to its retirement in July 2009.

Press Information

SPECmail2008 Press Release

Benchmark Documentation

Issues Installing/Running SPECmail2008
Installation/runtime issues raised by users of the benchmark.

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