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With the introduction of SFS97, SPECsfs93 is being replaced as SPEC's NFS server benchmark. While SPEC is accepting results for the SFS97 benchmark, SPEC will continue to accept results for the old benchmark through June 19th, 1998 as a means of transition. After June 19th, 1998, only SFS97 results will be accepted and the SPECsfs93 benchmark will be obsolete.

SPEC SFS is a one test benchmark suite focused on NFS server performance. The one test is 097.LADDIS which is a re-implementation of the Nhfsstone workload that has been further enhanced by SPEC.

The SPECsfs benchmark was developed by a team of NFS developers who wanted a better means of measuring NFS server performance. This test subjects an NFS server to a large and varied request load from several client drivers. The server is presented a larger and larger number of requests until the server cannot keep up and thus either the throughput drops off or the response times become unsatisfactory.


We have all SPECsfs93 results since September '94 on-line.

Rule Changes

As needs change and situations arise, SPEC does announce occasional changes to the run or reporting rules.

Newsletter Announcements


A very good overview of the SPECsfs benchmark is available in a SPECsfs paper to Usenix '93 (PostScript, 140KB) written by two of the primary developers of the benchmark.


SPECsfs Tuning
A quick review of the parts of a system that the 097.laddis benchmark will stress.