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SPECweb99_SSL Issues

This is a place where we shall be collecting descriptions of (and solutions to) installation, build, and runtime problems encountered by people using the SPECweb99_SSL benchmark. If your issue is not amongst the known issues, please bring it to the attention of SPEC Web99_SSL Support.

Current Issues

Code Defect Identified

SPEC has identified problems with the port of the SPECweb99_SSL test harness to the MS Windows operating system. The code defects prevent the client systems from generating the correct SPECweb99_SSL workload. It should be noted that the problems are solely within the the port of the SPECweb99_SSL code base to the Windows OS and not due to either the Windows OS or the OpenSSL library. Details are available in the full notice

When requesting a large number of connections from the server, it seems to take a long time at the end of a run. Is there any way to speed up this process?

You can retrieve the POST log from the SUT faster by bypassing the web server and doing a direct network copy using rcp (or an equivalent for your OS). To do this, download an alternate version of manager which is available to current benchmark licensees. To request a copy of the alternate version of manager please send an email, along with your license information, to

For additional issues, please see the SPECweb99_SSL Support FAQ.

Errata Information

None at this time.