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SPECjAppServer2002 (Java Application Server) is a client/server benchmark for measuring the performance of Java Enterprise Application Servers using a subset of J2EE APIs in a complete end-to-end web application. It is the same as SPECjAppServer2001 (released in September 2002) except that the Enterprise Java Beans (EJBs) are defined using the EJB 2.0 specification instead of the EJB 1.1 specification. SPECjAppServer2002 can therefore take advantage of several EJB 2.0 features such as local interfaces, the EJB-QL query language, and Container Managed Relationships (CMR) between entity beans. Joining the client-side SPECjvm98 and the server side SPECjbb2000, SPECjAppServer2002 and SPECjAppServer2001 continue the SPEC tradition of giving Java users the most objective and representative benchmarks for measuring a system's ability to run Java applications.

SPEC has designed the SPECjAppServer2002 benchmark to exercise the Java Enterprise Application Server, the Java Virtual Machine (JVM), as well as the server Systems Under Test (SUT). As a true J2EE application the benchmark will require a functional RDBMS (for JDBC) and a Web Server, but the benchmark has been designed so that the SUT can be a single system.

Please note that while the SPECjAppServer2002 suite is still available for purchase, the suite has been retired, no further results are being accepted for publication, and support is no longer provided.


Submitted Results
Text and HTML results for the SPECjAppServer2002 metrics; includes all results submitted to SPEC from licensees of the benchmark.
Flag Descriptions
Explanations from the testers defining the tuning flags used in generating the results.


SPECjAppServer2002 Benchmark Press Release
Benchmark announcement day press release materials.
SPECjAppServer2002 Benchmark Documentation
Vendor Specific Configuration Information
A page containing links to vendor sites with specific installation, configuration, and tuning information for the SPECjAppServer2002 benchmark.
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