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Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation

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Retired SPEC Benchmark Suites

SPEC no longer provides technical support or accepts result submissions for posting on the SPEC web site for any of these retired benchmarks.


SPEC provides special non-profit/educational discounts for organizations with 501C or equivalent standings on selected SPEC benchmark suites. Staff may request proof of qualification. All academic orders are licensed to a professor or full-time staff member.

SPEC benchmarks are licensed to companies, universities, and organizations around the world; to find out if your organization is a member of SPEC’s consortium, please see our current membership . Or to find out if your organization has an existing license for a SPEC product please contact SPEC at

SPEC Cloud IaaS 2016 V1.1
  Purchase ($2000)
SPEC CPU2006 V1.2
  Purchase ($800)
SPEC CPU2000 V1.3.1
  Purchase ($500)
SPEC CPU95 V1.10
  Purchase ($600)
SPEC CPU92 V1.1 (CFP92/CINT92 bundle)
  Purchase ($900)
  Purchase ($300)
SPEC JBB2005 V1.07
  Purchase ($500)
SPEC JBB2000 V1.02
  Purchase ($400)
SPEC JMS2007 V1.0
  Purchase ($1800)
SPEC JVM98 V1.03
  Purchase ($100)
SPEC MAIL2009 V1.01
  Purchase ($1800)
SPEC MAIL2001 V1.0
  Purchase ($1800)
  Purchase ($1450)
SERT V2.0.4 Suite
  Purchase ($2800)
SERT V2.0.2
  Purchase ($2800)
SERT V1.1.1
  Purchase ($2800)
SPEC SFS 2014 V1.0 SP2
  Purchase ($2000)
SPEC SFS2008 V1.0
  Purchase ($1600)
SPEC SFS97_R1 V3.0
  Purchase ($900)
  Purchase ($1200)
SPECsip_Infrastructure2011 V1.0
  Purchase ($800)
SPECvirt_sc2010 V1.01
  Purchase ($3000)
SPEC WEB2009 V1.20
  Purchase ($1600)
SPEC WEB2005 V1.31
  Purchase ($1200)
  Purchase ($800)
  Purchase ($800)


** Licensing Information:


MD5 Checksums:
To verify the file integrity of your downloaded software, we offer MD5 checksums and file sizes for the download files.


Payment Options:
Digital River's MyCommerce is SPEC's authorized reseller and merchant for ecommerce and software delivery services. They accept most major credit cards, Paypal and checks (pre-payment). Purchase Orders (PO) are not accepted. If you need to issue a PO, please contact SPEC headquarters. SPEC can also provide wire transfer details.


Tax Information
Tax is charged in regions where Digital River's MyCommerce, SPEC's authorized reseller is required to collect it. Organizations that are tax exempt need to place the order, then request a refund. To request a refund of tax paid, email Digital River at, include order number with the exemption certificates; credits are issued in five business days.


If you are dissatisfied with the product the original software purchase price can be refunded within 30 days of purchase. To request a refund, please contact SPEC at