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SPEC CPU2000 V1.3 (RETIRED: February 2007)

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Technology evolves at a breakneck pace. With this in mind, SPEC believes that computer benchmarks need to evolve as well. While the older benchmarks (SPEC CPU95) still provide a meaningful point of comparison, it is important to develop tests that can consider the changes in technology. SPEC CPU2000 is the next-generation industry-standardized CPU-intensive benchmark suite. SPEC designed CPU2000 to provide a comparative measure of compute intensive performance across the widest practical range of hardware. The implementation resulted in source code benchmarks developed from real user applications. These benchmarks measure the performance of the processor, memory and compiler on the tested system.

Licensees of CPU2000 V1.3 should download an updated copy of the benchmark's run and reporting rules. This version replaces the document shipped with the CD.

SPEC CPU2000 Retirement

CPU2000 was retired in February 2007. Starting November 24, 2006, all CPU2000 result submissions for the SPEC web site were required to be accompanied by a CPU2006 result using:

  1. The same hardware, including memory size
  2. The same operating system and OS tuning
  3. Corresponding metrics: for example, if you submit
    256 copy SPECfp_rate2006, then also submit
    256 user SPECfp_rate2000
  4. Compilers and benchmark tuning may differ

As of February 24, 2007, no further CPU2000 results are being accepted for publication on the SPEC web site.


Submitted Results
Text, HTML, PDF, PostScript, and Configuration file outputs for the SPEC CPU2000 metrics; includes all of the results submitted to SPEC from the SPEC member companies and other licensees of the benchmark. Search across all CPU2000 results in SPEC's online result database.

Flag Descriptions
Explanations from the testers for what all those cryptic flags in the results' notes section really mean.


SPEC CPU Benchmark Search Program
SPEC has set up a SPEC CPU Benchmark Search Program designed to encourage and recognize achievements of the academic and industrial community in providing and developing application code and datasets that could be used as components for the next version of the SPEC CPU benchmark suites (currently targeted for release as SPEC CPU2006). The search program is now closed, but historical information about the program is available along with the CPU2006 information.
SPEC CPU2000 Benchmark Press Releases
Press release material, documents, and announcements:
SPEC CPU2000 Benchmark Documentation Version 1.3 [Version 1.2 | [Version 1.1 | Version 1.0]
SPEC CPU2000 technical and support documents, Run and Reporting Rules (updated 06/15/2006), etc.

If you download a result config file, does it have to match the result files next to it?
The CPU2000 Config File FAQ has the answer to that and other questions.

SPEC CPU2000 Benchmark Descriptions
A survey of the benchmarks comprising each SPEC CPU2000 component suite:
  • CINT2000 - The Integer Benchmarks.
  • CFP2000 - The Floating Point Benchmarks.
Memory profiles for all 26 benchmarks.

  SPEC CPU2000 Press Coverage and Publications
From academia and the industry, research and articles on CPU2000:
Issues Building/Running SPEC CPU2000
Installation, build, and runtime issues raised by users of SPEC CPU2000.

Order Your Own Copy of SPEC CPU2000
The online order form to purchase this and any other SPEC/OSG benchmark.