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A Summary of SPECviewperf® Attributes

SPECviewperf® is a synthetic benchmark designed to be a predictor of application performance and a measure of graphics subsystem performance. Here are the major attributes of the benchmark:

  1. It is a measure of graphics subsystem performance (primarily graphics bus, drive and graphics hardware) and its impact on the system without the full overhead of an application.
  2. Configurations that do well in a SPECviewperf test should also do well on the corresponding SPECapc benchmark when it exists. This should be especially true for SPECapc workloads used to create SPECviewperf viewsets.
  3. It should also be a good predictor of graphics application performance for applications that emit a similar OpenGL command stream when they are not bound by other subsystem bottlenecks.
  4. It is a synthetic benchmark for the following reasons:
    1. it isolates the graphics subsystem contribution;
    2. it provides repeatable and reliable testing of specific graphics subsystem functions;
    3. it eases graphics subsystem development and testing; and
    4. it is easy to license and distribute.