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Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation

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SPEC HPC2002 Documentation

SPEC HPC2002 readme1st.txt:
SPEC is no exception; everyone must have one of these! This file includes SPEC HPC2002 documentation overview and FAQ.

SPEC HPC2002 faq.txt:
Frequently asked questions regarding the HPC2002 benchmark suite.

SPEC HPC2002 config.txt:
To run SPEC HPC2002, one needs a config file; this document details how to write one.

SPEC HPC2002 credits.txt:
Document that gives credit where credit is due; the SPECialists responsible for SPEC HPC2002.

SPEC HPC2002 errata.txt:
This document describes and discusses known problems in the SPEC HPC2002 suite.

SPEC HPC2002 install_guide_unix.txt:
How to install SPEC HPC2002 on UNIX systems; includes an example installation and an example of running the first benchmark.

SPEC HPC2002 makevars.txt:
SPEC HPC2002 build process: variables used by "make".

SPEC HPC2002 runrules.txt:
The actual rules that govern the running and reporting of results for SPEC HPC2002.

SPEC HPC2002 runspec.txt:
Information on the "runspec" command, which is the primary user interface for running SPEC HPC2002 benchmarks.

SPEC HPC2002 system_requirements.txt:
A list of hardware and software needed in order to run the SPEC HPC2002 suite.

SPEC HPC2002 techsupport.txt:
Information on SPEC technical support.

SPEC HPC2002 tools_build.txt:
How to build (or re-build) SPEC HPC2002 tools such as "runspec".

SPEC HPC2002 utility.txt:
How to use various utility programs shipped with SPEC HPC2002, such as "specinvoke" and "specdiff".

Documentation for Individual Benchmarks

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