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08/09/2011: SPECweb2009 will be retired effective January 12, 2012. Technical support and result publication will end as of that date. Please see the retirement notice for details regarding independent result publication.

SPECweb2009 is the next-generation SPEC benchmark for evaluating web server performance. Workloads include: Banking, which is a fully secure SSL-based workload; Ecommerce, which includes both SSL and non-SSL requests; and Support, which is a non-SSL workload that includes large downloads. New with SPECweb2009 is the inclusion of a Power workload (based on the Ecommerce workload) and a performance/power metric. Measurements for the power workload are based on the SPECpower methodology and require the use of one of the accepted power analyzers.

Dec. 09, 2010: SPECweb2009 v1.20 is now available. This update contains various updates and bug fixes. Licensees of earlier versions of SPECweb2009 may contact SPEC for a free update to version 1.20.

Oct. 22, 2009: The newly-released version 1.10 includes new ASPX scripts in addition to the previously included PHP and JSP based scripts. As described in the Run Rules document, the results from using each of these types of scripts will have different metric names and will be tabulated separately.


Submitted Results
All of the results submitted to SPEC by benchmark licensees.
Tuning Descriptions
Additional documentation about tunings used for a result which are not included in the notes section may be found here.

Information and Documentation

Press releases
SPECweb2009 v1.0 Press Release (June 2009)
SPECweb2009 v1.10 Press Release (October 2009)

SPECweb2009 Documentation:

SPECweb2009 Introduction and Setup Overview

SPECweb2009 FAQ

SPECweb2009 Support FAQ (Updated: May 29, 2010)
Technical support FAQ addendum to the main SPECweb2009 FAQ.

SPECweb2009 V1.20 Benchmark Run and Reporting Rules
The rules that govern the running and reporting of results for SPECweb2009.

SPECweb2009 V1.20 User Guide
The user guide, also included on the SPECweb2009 CD-ROM.

SPECweb2009 V1.20 Design Document
A white paper describing the architectural design behind the SPECweb2009 benchmark.
Component Design Documents:
SPECweb2009 V1.20 Pseudocode

Known Issues

Issues Building/Running SPECweb2009
Installation, build, and runtime issues raised by users of SPECweb2009.

Ordering SPECweb2009

Purchase SPECweb2009
The order form to purchase this and any other SPEC benchmark.