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Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation

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SPECweb96 Benchmark (Retired: April 2000)

SPEC has introduced its first World Wide Web Server benchmark.

SPECweb96 is a standardized benchmark for measuring basic Web Server performance.

SPECweb96 features:

  • Standardized workload, agreed to by major players in WWW market
  • Full disclosures available available on this web site
  • Stable implementation with no incomparable versions


Submitted Results
Text, HTML3.0, and PostScript outputs for the SPECWeb96 metrics. Includes all of the results submitted to SPEC from all the member companies.

Tuning Descriptions
Not all vendors choose to squeeze all of the tuning descriptions into the notes at the bottom of a result page, further documentation about tunings used for a result may be found here.


NEW: Client side improvements in SPECweb96:

Information Week Article
A review of SPECweb96 by Jason Levitt, as published in INFORMATIONWEEK in January 1997. Reprinted here with permission.

SPEC's Press Release
The full text of SPEC's press release from announcement day.
The Q&A prepared by SPEC for the press announcement.

Benchmark Workload
A description of the fileset used for the benchmark GETs.
Benchmark Rules
The actual rules that govern the running and reporting of results for this benchmark.

An Explanation of SPECweb96
A white paper describing some of the design ideas and future work for the SPECweb96 benchmark.

Some Notes on SPECweb96
Some brief comments on workloads and plans.

Issues Building/Running SPECweb96
Answers to some questions raised by people using SPECweb96.

For more information on the availability of this product, please contact SPEC directly.